A Guide issue 2 —

Issue 2 turns its attention to all things equestrian. Showing the flair for a curatorial approach that marked its birth, A Guide deftly weaves its chosen theme through the issue. And, once again, it demonstrates that a well curated title needs to balance the obvious with the more tangential in order to enable the audience to follow easily without getting bored.


In the case of the former, Beate Geissler and Oliver Sann’s contribution is as literal as it could get; literally photographs of horses. But, in their beautiful images of magnificent beasts shot against stark black backgrounds, we are reminded of so many traditions in painting, perhaps most significantly of George Stubbs and his 18th century experiments with stark backgrounds as a means of highlighting the awesome anatomy of a thoroughbred. Unlike Stubbs' works, these horses are shot in repose, the fiery power within merely a potential.

Horsey business weaves its way through everything from articles on the economics of transporting horses by air to the architecture of an exclusive contemporary riding school; from a reflection on the history of French luxury brand Hermès to the famous Spanish Riding School in Vienna.

    A Guide issue 2 –
    April 2010 107 Pages 0 Minutes of audio 0 Minutes of video
    In This Issue –
    When Horses Learned To Gallop Art as idea Money Business - Money Can't Beat Luck on the Racetrack Brant the Brand On a High Horse
    Editor In Chief –
    Ulrike Tschabitzer - Handler, Doris Rothauer, Albert Handler
    Art Director –
    Albert Handler
    Graphic Design –
    Anouk Rehorek
    A Guide Magazine - A Guide issue 2  A Guide Magazine - A Guide issue 2  A Guide Magazine - A Guide issue 2  A Guide Magazine - A Guide issue 2  A Guide Magazine - A Guide issue 2  A Guide issue 2  A Guide Magazine - A Guide issue 2

Our Take —

A few years ago, many wondered how magazines could function with two Editors in Chief. Now try three: Albert Handler, Doris Rothauer and Ulrike Tschabitzer-Handler. But, if as was suggested, that any more than one head honcho would result in tension and disarray on the page, Austira’s A Guide magazine deftly sends that assumption packing. A Guide magazine is, quite simply, one of the most coherent titles around today, really understanding the notion that a magazine can be a ‘curated’ space.

Based in Vienna, A Guide launched itself openly cognoscent that it isn’t exactly the most conducive of economic landscapes into which to launch a new title. But, this is a magazine that hopes to bring a few twists into the high-end magazine market. Most obviously, as the name suggests, the magazine intends to offer an in-depth city guide within each issue, the first two issues being devoted to it’s home town of Vienna. Additionally, it plans to reposition the idea of the ‘lifestyle magazine’ as one in which more in-depth and intelligent coverage of current affairs or an economic perspective can be brought into the mix of fashion, culture and celebrity.

The crisp art direction by Albert Handler (yep, we’re getting the feeling it’s all about multi-tasking) is restrained but far more playful and creative than many other magazine’s covering similar ground; a juxtaposition of modernist starkness and cursive elegance.

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